Calulation of piping

Coolstar provides you with all pipes of the calculated circuit processes. In case of liquid lines COOLSTAR makes a difference between rising and falling lines.

Using the arrow keys, you can easily change the proposed piping.

COOLSTAR also makes the dimensioning for the required components (shutoff valve, solenoid valve, check valve, expansion valve, driers, and sight glasses).

When selecting the suction or discharge line, COOLSTAR verifies automatically if all conditions for a perfect oil transport are fulfilled. If necessary, tapering will be proposed.

Furthermore, double rising lines can be calculated. Last but not least, this chapter of the program provides you with oil diagrams for visual inspection.

COOLSTAR calculates the insulation required to prevent falling below the dew point (ARMAFLEX, KAIFLEX).

COOLSTAR displays the pipeline calculation both in a graphic and in a table.

            Modul-04-Rohrleitungsberechnung-2018Komponenten Magnetventil

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