Calculation of piping net

This module has been developed especially for compound systems. Within a very short time you may design all refrigerant-containing pipings in compound systems with several cooling units and compressors, even including the suitable solenoid, expansion and shut-off valves. The suction line can be calculated with two different evaporating temperatures especially for booster systems. All other fittings for the compound (check valves, driers, sight glasses, etc.) are calculated as well.

Selection and arrangement of the cooling units may be placed easily right on the screen by using the mouse. There is no rigid pattern. Like in the calculation of pipelines, rising lines are verified for a perfect oil transport and, if necessary, the lines are tapered or split.

Both the number of existing or required compressors and the factor of simultaneousness can be selected.

COOLSTAR draws up a list of material for the calculation, a list of piping for your fitters on the building site, a list of components for each cooling unit and a list of rising lines with the required double rising lines. Verifying calculations of existing piping nets are possible as well.

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