Calculation of chilled-water net

COOLSTAR allows calculation of water nets with several cooling units, including the required components (shut-off valve, solenoid valve, check valve, circuit control valve, filter, two-way or three-way control valve).

COOLSTAR provides calculations with the specific data of the following heating mediums and deep-freezing brines:

  • Water
  • Antifrogen N
  • Antifrogen L
  • Antifrogen KA
  • Antifrogen KF
  • HYCOOL 20
  • HYCOOL 30
  • HYCOOL 40
  • HYCOOL 45
  • HYCOOL 50
  • Freezium
  • Glykosol N
  • Pekasol L
  • Pekasol 2000
  • Tyfoxit
  • Tyfoxit F
  • Temper -10, -15, -20, -30, -40, -55
  • Thermogen
  • Tyfocor
  • Tyfocor L
  • Zitrec MC
  • Zitrec LC

The module includes components by the following manufacturers: ARI, BELIMO, DANFOSS, ESBE, GEORG FISCHER, HONEYWELL, OEVENTROP, PARKER, RAMSAYER, SIEMENS and TACO. Of course, you may enter you own data as well.

The piping net can be calculated with the help of pressure drop or of flow velocity. The loss of pressure of the respective heat-exchanger is also considered. The calculation of the chilled-water receiver is made dynamically in dependence of the coolant volume in the piping net. The required pump data are calculated as well as the cv values for the mixing valves of the heat exchangers.

COOLSTAR calculates the insulation required to prevent falling below the dew point (ARMAFLEX, KAIFLEX).









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